Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LED Curtain Display P18,75 Fullcolor VIDEOS-PICTURES-ANIMATIONS

Our series of outdoor led display screens: P10, P12, P14, P16, P20,P25, P31.25

LED curtain OEM Display customized on Request...

Both indoor and outdoor
P18 full color led  screen Features:
              1:SMD5050,uniformity of the brightness
              2:Best quality with afordable price
              3Long time warranty (optinal) excellent service
              4:.Fast shipment By Airfraight To Destination Airport or DHL Express
              5:Optional color are red ,yellow,blue ,green, white,purple,cold white
              6:Flexible screen Can display video Pictures Animations
              7: less weight, easy install and disassemble, transparent
              Rental´s Partys Discothek and so on ...            


Applicable for entertainment and piblic place,such as landscape, stage,bar,dacing ball, music stage, club, Or any event ,billboard and so on

High Quality Resolution P16

Our series of outdoor led display screens: P10, P12, P14, P16, P20,P25, P31.25

    Module Resolution16×16=256 (dot)
    Module Size256mm ×256mm
    Module Quantity/cabinet4(Pcs)
    Cabinet Size1024mm×256mm
    Resolution/cabinet 64×16(dot)
    LED Driving methodConstant driving / Static Latch
   LED StandardSMD 3in1
   Viewing Angle (H/V)H:100±5°V:45°
   The Optimal viewing distance25-300m
   Display Colors687(million)
   Pixel configuration1R1G1B
   Protection Degree65(IP)
   Power(Max.Consumption): True pixels:300 W/s.q.m
Virtual pixels:800 W/s.q.m
(Average Power): True pixels:300 W/s.q.m
Virtual pixels:400 W/s.q.m
   Control modeVideo Sync
   Display Mode(Max)1024×768/1280×1024
   LED Parametres(R):λd (619~624nm)IV: (460~510mcd)
(G):λd (520~524.5nm)IV: (2000~2300mcd)
(B):λd (468.5~472.5nm)IV:(490~540mcd)
   Communication1000M Cats(≤120M)/Fiber optical (10.000m)

Low Quality Resolution.:

1:Adopting high-power LED as light source.Energy-saving,environment protecting and long life.
2:Using constant current to drive.
3:Low working voltage, secure and reliable.
4:Low power consunmption,good color saturation.
5:Energy saving up to 80%.
6:Color effects:Shifting in seven color,Color chasing,color fading,jump changing,gradual


Model No
Working voltage24V/AC110V~AC220V
Lamp power1/3/4/2/6/8/10W(according to customer specific)
Light source colorWW/NW/CW/Y/R/G/B/RGB
Size60*65mm(according to customer specific )
Operation temp-25 to 55 degree
IP gradeIP65

Application: Applicable for Buildings, outdoor squares, bridges, Tunnels, Landscapesany other places of entertainment, etc